About - Edi Chen

Edi Chen

born 1982, Fine Art Photographer, live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

I grew up in a city with three thousand years of history. I love to wait for sunset on top of JingShan Park (north of the Forbidden City) when the bell tower chimes loud and clear, and the pigeons take flight over the city's rooftops. The walls there are brick red and drab grey, and the four seasons are separate and distinct. I received my first 35mm film camera as a gift from my grandfather who used to work at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then pick up a standard compact Canon digital from 2001.

I am passionate about photographing symmetrical objects, particularly in architecture, and love to capture that which catches not only my eye but my soul. My fascination and journey with photography began in 2002, gravitating towards symmetry I photographed scenes at random in the world around me and during my travels. I have always been interested in art and design and prior to becoming a professional photographer worked as a graphic designer for many years.

My version of photography is a way of finding myself, to extract beauty from ordinary subjects and places. The best way for me to express this dreamlike, surreal and abstract black and white world is by using long exposure photography. I created this symmetrical portfolio by capturing particular and expressive details of historical landmarks and unique urban buildings in my year long quest for this one of a kind collection.

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